Introducing: Becky Hill

Leave it to those British talent shows to churn out artists who can breakthrough will solid pop songs! Allow me to introduce you to Becky Hill, a 20 year old English semi finalist from The Voice UK, who’s ready to launch her solo career with her pop&B single, ‘Losing’.


Introducing: Justine Skye

With all the pop females running around, you think we’d have a line up of R&B chicks who were just as big. Things are starting to pan out that way. We have Tinashe, Jhene Aiko, and now we have Justine Skye to add to the mix.

Introducing: Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson is finding herself in a see of buzz. Her new single, ‘Ghost’ has launched her solo career after The X Factor and took her to the top spot in the UK. Now, it’s time for world domination with her fall debut album, ‘Chapter One’.

Introducing: Troye Sivan

You may know him from YouTube, but did you know that Troye Sivan is on his way to becoming a pop star? It’s crazy, but it’s true and it’s all starting with the release of his new single, ‘Happy Little Pill’.

Introducing: Meghan Trainor

You may have heard this song talking about ‘All About That Bass’ but you’re like ‘who the hell is this’? Well, everyone meet Meghan Trainor, the 20 year old budding pop darling around this infectious throwback jam!

Introducing: Melissa Steel

Who doesn’t love a good summer jam? Let me introduce you to Melissa Steel, a budding UK pop star. With the release of her debut single, ‘Kisses For Breakfast’, and her debut album on the horizon, Steel is a breath of fresh air in the pop&B world

Introducing: Echosmith

They may not be a ‘new’ act, but with their single, ‘Cool Kids’ being sent to Top 40 radio and a slot on this year’s Van’s Warped Tour, Echosmith are slated to become the breakout band of 2014.

Introducing: Alyssa Reid & Kristina Maria

Up here in Canada, we’re swimming in upcoming pop stars! Beyond Avril Lavinge, Justin Bieber, and Fefe Dobson, there’s some solid pop talent that has the potential to break through. I had the privilege of attending CHUM-FM’s FanFest 2014 and I’d like to introduce to you two pop girls that were on the line up: Alyssa Reid & Kristina Maria.

Introducing: BROODS

There must be something out there in New Zealand. You may have heard of an artist hailing from New Zealand by the name of Lorde this year that had a bit of a hit with the song ‘Royals’. I would love to direct your attention for a second to another act from New Zealand, BROODS