First Listen: Tinashe – ‘Aquarius’

On the heels of her new track, ‘Bet’ today, Tinashe’s debut album now has an album sampler! Yes, you can now preview every song off of her album, ‘Aquarius’, a head of it’s release next week! Ready to get ‘2 On?’


First Listen: Charli XCX – ‘Sucker’, ‘Famous’, & ‘I Need Your Love’

Charli XCX might have pushed back her sophomore album, ‘Sucker’, but that doesn’t mean she’s putting the project on pause until it’s December 16th release date. Her tour is resuming as scheduled and as expected, we have a few new songs from ‘Sucker’ that give us more of an idea of what Charli’s got in store for us her second time around.

First Listen: Jessie J – ‘Sweet Talker’

It’s been a maadd minute for Jessie J when it comes to the US market. ‘Alive’ wasn’t released Stateside, but ‘Bang Bang’ set up a pretty nice re-introduction for the English pop star. Will she be able to find her footing again with her forthcoming album, ‘Sweet Talker’? You be the judge now that the album sampler is available!

First Listen: Meghan Trainor – ‘Title’

She’s the definition of an overnight sensation and she’s not letting her momentum slow down. ‘All About That Bass’ singer, Meghan Trainor, is the biggest star in pop right and is gearing up to release her debut EP, ‘Title’ on September 9th. With about two weeks to get until it’s release, Trainor has revealed the EP’s cover and snippet of the title track!

First Listen: Ella Henderson – ‘Chapter One’

Her story is just beginning when it comes to her career. The X Factor finalist and budding British singer, Ella Henderson, is ready to take us on a musical journey with her debut album, ‘Chapter One’. Now, a head of it’s October 13th release, you are able to preview the deluxe edition of the first few pages in Ella’s career.