10 Years Later: Ashlee Simpson’s ‘Autobiography’ Is Still Making Us ‘La La’

It seems like just yesterday that we were introduced to Jessica Simpson’s younger sister, Ashlee, via her MTV reality show, ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’. From the start, it was clear that Ashlee was her own person, in her own lane, determined to let the world know that she was ‘the anti-Jessica’. She was nineteen, unapologetic, heart broken, and unafraid to fight as an artist to produce a solid album that she could stand behind, proudly. Cut to ten years later, Simpson’s debut album, ‘Autobiography’ still resonates with millions and has become a staple in pop music.


Throwback Thursday: Ashlee Simpson – ‘Pieces Of Me’

‘On A Monday/I Am Waiting/Tuesday, I’m Fading/And By Wednesday/I Can’t Sleep’. And on Thursday, I’m throwing it back! Guess what was released to radio TEN YEARS AGO today? Ashlee Simpson’s seminal #1 hit, ‘Pieces Of Me’, off her platinum selling debut album, ‘Autobiography’. Let’s go on a trip down memory lane for this iconic pop/rock anniversary…

Ashlee Simpson WILL NOT be Touring in 2014!

Ashlee Simpson’s music career is hands down the most mysterious thing in pop music…ever. Point blank. Rumors are flying all over the internet that Ashlee was heading out on tour this year. I hate to break it to you Ashlee fans. I was excited as you were and it seemed like Ashlee Simpson was poised to return to the stage this year, but the rumors of a 2014 tour are false.

The Best of Ashlee Simpson

Happy Birthday Ashlee! For those of you that don’t know, today is Ashlee Simpson’s 29th birthday. No matter what you think about her, there’s no denying that when Ashlee was active in the music industry, she was a force. She released three sold album (two which went #1 and are certified platinum and multiplatinum) and countless singles. The great thing about Ashlee is that she is never afraid to be honest and herself in her songs which is why she is so relatable.

The Mystery Behind Ashlee Simpson’s Fourth Album

It’s been a little more than five years and a dozen different hairstyles since Ashlee Simpson released her last album, ‘Bittersweet World’. April 22, 2008 to be exact. Today is May 23, 2013 and Ashlee has been quietly working on the follow up to ‘Bittersweet World’ for about three years now and yet all we’ve…