Album Review: Tove Lo – ‘Queen Of The Clouds’

Alt-pop has had a huge movement this year. Girls from all over have proved that you don’t need to have the hottest producers with the sexiest images and generic albums. Tove Lo is the one of the leaders of that pack right now. It’s hard to believe, but her overnight success actually took a year and half to make. Thanks to her current single, ‘Habits (Stay High)’ (that’s inching towards the top ten on the Billboard Hot 100), not only is she the ‘Queen Of The Clouds’, but the Queen of Alt-Pop.


Album Review: Lights – ‘Little Machines’

It’s been three years since Lights released her last studio album. What did a girl do in all that time? Get married and start a family! You think she wouldn’t have had time to get another album ready, but, guess what? She did! ‘Little Machines’ was released this week and show that motherhood has taken to this Canadian singer well, making her strong and more focused than ever.

Album Review: Chris Brown – ‘X’

As of late, Chris Brown has been known more for his personal life and court room drama than his music. Well, that’s kind of a lie. ‘Loyal’ managed to crack the top ten on two charts and proved that Brown still has it when it comes to churning out a solid urban banger. Now, the question is, is he able to churn out a solid and cohesive album? And for the most part, ‘X’ manages to do that.

Album Review: BANKS – ‘Goddess’

It’s hard to believe it, but this week, Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, BANKS, released her debut album, ‘Goddess’, a ode to love, loss, and heartbreak. BANKS belongs to the group of up and coming alt-pop artists, the one that’s mixing pop melodies with R&B, rock, or electronic sounds to create a new sub-genre. If there’s anyone that’s the leader of that pack, it’s BANKS.

Album Review: Meghan Trainor – ‘Title’

She dropped from the sky out of nowhere and become an overnight sensation thanks to some bass (not some treble). 20 year old Meghan Trainor is on top of the world and charts thanks to her breakout sensational hit, ‘All About That Bass’ and is looking to duplicate her success with her debut EP, ‘Title’, out today. With such a huge song, it’s hard to live up to expectations. The question is, does she on ‘Title’?

Album Review: Ariana Grande – ‘My Everything’

About a year ago (one week less than a year, to be exact) Ariana Grande released her debut album, ‘Yours Truly’. While I was a bit hard on Ari for her lackluster debut, the mini pop darling is back again with her sophomore album, ‘My Everything’. Now, while I’m still critical on Ariana for her previous record, I must admit that Ariana is stepping in the right direction…even if that step is a tip-toe.

Album Review: Lana Del Rey – ‘Ultraviolence’

Today’s the day. It’s one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year that’s been shrouded in mystery and wonderment since December of last year. Lana Del Rey has released her sophomore album, ‘Ultraviolence’ earlier today; a collection of psychedelic tinged lo-fi rock songs that ditch the trip-hop beats and return Lana Del Rey back to her Lizzy Grant sound.

Album Review: Jennifer Lopez – ‘A.K.A.’

Fifteen years and ten albums later, Jennifer Lopez is in the prime of her career. Her latest album, ‘A.K.A.’, is a return to form for out favorite girl from the block. No dance-pop, but a vast collection of urban pop tracks that fit right in with J.Lo’s already extensive discography