New Single: Cheryl – ‘I Don’t Care’

I’ve never really cared for Cheryl Cole. Nothing against her, but British pop? Well, it wasn’t really MY pop when I was a kid. All that may change today with her disco-fied new single ‘I Don’t Care’!

Written by pop songwriting royalty, Bonnie Mckee, and a handful of other hit makers, Cheryl’s ‘I Don’t Care’ is an unapologetic kiss off with Cheryl letting loose and not giving a good goddamn about anything! We all know how I love a bratty anthem…

I understand Cheryl has been involved with The X Factor UK and comes from Girls Aloud fame. Being American (and personally not really into girl groups…I mean they just break up after one or two albums anyway), I never really was exposed or exposed myself to that! I also know she has an ENORMOUS tattoo and she’s somewhat Britain’s version of our dear Britney Spears.

I wasn’t too impressed with her last single, but I’ve got to say ‘I Don’t Care’ isn’t a total travesty. It sounds like a hit to me, especially in her home country. Maybe it would do better in the summer, but from what I can see, everyone’s glad to have new Cheryl music!


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