New Track: Jessie J – ‘Bang Bang’

10816-bang_bang_artwork_600x600New track?! I mean, haven’t we heard this song for the past few months? It’s been a huge hit! Yes, we have, but not like this. A solo version of Jessie J’s summer hit featuring Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj has just hit the Internet providing a look at what COULD have been for this banger.

There’s no way around it. Having Jessie JUST on this track is not enough. Sure, ‘Bang Bang’ is still massive song with a monster sound, but it’s amplified even more with the guest verses by the other two ladies, especially Nicki. Now could it have been a huge hit without them? I would say no. Who knows though. I’m sure it would have had success, but not as much as it seems. To be honest, this seems more like a demo version than an “alternate” version. Good job on adding the other two, that’s all I gotta say!

Stream Jessie J’s solo version of ‘Bang Bang’ HERE!


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