New Single: Clean Bandit & Jess Glynne – ‘Real Love’

Ready for a redux? British electronic band, Clean Bandit, had one of this summer’s biggest hits with their house influenced gem, ‘Rather Be’, featuring Jess Glynne. Now, these two are gearing up to release a brand new single, ‘Real Love’, to give this whole thing a whack again!

Rather Be’ was and still is huge. It was a real grower and I can see the same thing happening with ‘Real Love’. Now, you run into “here’s the same song” again when you collaborate with the same people again. Is ‘Real Love’ exactly like ‘Rather Be’? No, not really. I mean, yeah, they still have the house feel and, yes, they’re uplifting and happy, but besides that it’s just another great song from these two. Best part of the song? The ‘you give me that feeling!” hook! Pure ear candy!


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