New Track: Jessie J – ‘Personal’

xQoe-6X4ZsgJessie J is about to hit the big time Stateside with her album, ‘Sweet Talker’. Homegirls got hits, of course, but she’s also got some deep, soulful cuts. See ‘Personal’, the first promo single released from her forthcoming album.

Bang Bang’ and ‘Burnin’ Up’ have got this great urban-pop feel, but ‘Personal’ completely goes to the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s got this R&B feel with nothing but Jessie’s powerhouse vocals and this incredible acoustic guitar hook. Come to think of it, it reminds me of a lot of some of the tracks on the underrated ‘Alive’. Jessie really has what it takes to be a top pop star. She’s got the vocals and the songs. Why can’t we just give this girl a chance?! Maybe ‘Sweet Talker’ will turn it all around for her.

STREAM Jessie J’s ‘Personal’ HERE!


One thought on “New Track: Jessie J – ‘Personal’

  1. She seriously is so talented and i think she should be noticed more. Bang Bang, Burning Up and Personal are all great songs. i hope she gets the recognition she deserves. On top of that shes also a great person.

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