First Listen: Tinashe – ‘Aquarius’

On the heels of her new track, ‘Bet’ today, Tinashe’s debut album now has an album sampler! Yes, you can now preview every song off of her album, ‘Aquarius’, a head of it’s release next week! Ready to get ‘2 On?’

Aquarius’ is very Janet. Very, VERY, very Janet. I couldn’t be more thrilled with that! I’ve always thought of Tinashe as a “Janet 2.0”, if you will. Their voices and style are very similar and they both kill it when it comes to the dance world. Oh, and the interludes. Janet was the QUEEN of interludes!

Unfortunately, these snippets aren’t as long as we’d like, but hey, I’ll take 30 seconds, you know! At this point, ‘How Many Times’, ‘All Hands On Deck’‘Far Side Of The Moon’, ‘Thug Cry’, and ‘Bated Breath’ are clear stand outs to me! What are y’all feelin’?


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