First Listen: Charli XCX – ‘Sucker’, ‘Famous’, & ‘I Need Your Love’

Charli XCX might have pushed back her sophomore album, ‘Sucker’, but that doesn’t mean she’s putting the project on pause until it’s December 16th release date. Her tour is resuming as scheduled and as expected, we have a few new songs from ‘Sucker’ that give us more of an idea of what Charli’s got in store for us her second time around.

These recordings are pretty rough, but enough to form an opinion on what lies on ‘Sucker’. There’s a blend of that punk rock sound she wanted to release originally, but mixed in with synths and electronic sounds. I can’t really judge until I hear in full for myself, but things sound promising! Charli will be in Toronto on October 10th so you can expect some more coverage on these songs and more songs from ‘Sucker’ when we attend that show! Until then…



‘I Need Your Love’


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