New Single: Jessie J ft. 2 Chainz – ‘Burnin’ Up’

She came out with a ‘Bang’ and now she’s ready to add more fuel to the fire that she’s already started. With a few weeks to go until Jessie J’s forthcoming album, ‘Sweet Talker’, comes out, this English pop star is prepping the album’s banging second single, ‘Burnin’ Up’ featuring 2 Chainz.

Talk about an ear worm! One play and it’s stuck in your head! It’s becoming apparent that Jessie J is pulling out all the stops to have a successful era here in the States. She’s always had a handful of moderate hits here and there, but when it came to her only album released here, it didn’t leave a lasting mark. That’s all looking to change with ‘Sweet Talker’!

Burnin’ Up’ absolutely builds on the momentum ‘Bang Bang’ laid out for her. It’s still in the urban-pop lane with Jessie’s high octane vocals gliding along an equally powerful hand clapping beat. It’s another hit, for sure. How soon will this latch on since ‘Bang Bang’ is still rising? That remains to be seen, but once it’s sent to radio on October 14th, things should be clear for ‘Burnin’ Up’ to take over!


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